Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Nautical number: Hello Sailor!

Ahoy there mateys!

What a week it has been...
Amongst working full time, being unwell, sewing 2 bridesmaids dresses, going to a poetry reading, eating dumplings,  and meeting up with some lovely lady bloggers (Rachael #1, Rachael #2 get a blog already! and Anna) I managed to finish a little something for myself. 

This McCalls pattern (M6752) has been living in the stash for some time now. It was purchased during one of those awesome 99c sales on the McCalls website. I think it has been mentioned that I enjoy stocking up during these sales...cough hoarder cough!

Not sure what I'm doing in this picture, sozza!
This number was sewn mostly on the overlocker with only the shoulder darts (they are so clever!) and the neckline/sleeve hems using my sewing machine. It was a VERY quick make. I think it was about 37 minutes of sewing all up...who's counting?

I only had about 90cm of this striped jersey in the stash but managed to get all the pieces out without too much "creative" cutting. I chose the smallest size as I am usually swimming in the big 4 and it turned out to be a perfect fit! win.

All the pieces matched up and I quite enjoy all the chevron-y goodness.
This was also my first time using a double needle... umm where have you been all my life!!!???
Now I want to double needle everything. Everything.
I can be slightly obsessive... So my mum says.

Pattern: McCalls 6754
Fabric: Striped poly/cotton jersey (with great recovery!)
Time: approx 37 mins + 15 mins cutting
Make again: 100 more please

And that's all she wrote.
Talk soon!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Swimming Pool Skirt: Sewaholic Hollyburn

This is a short and simple post.
I made a skirt, hooray.
Hollyburn skirt to be exact.

This fabric came from my work (I know, like a broken record right...).
It's a rayon/viscose/nylon blend which I have never come across before. It feels like a dream! 
It also reminds me of the reflections in a swimming pool. 
Boo Dogg also bagged herself some of this stuff! I cannot wait to see what she makes...

I actually made a frock for frocktails from this very same fabric (A Sewaholic Lonsdale, fancy that!) which I haven't blogged about, you can read about the awesome night here thanks to the lovely Poppykettle. 

Oh wait, a gust of wind!

This is a great pattern to breeze through in a couple of hours. 
Well drafted with straight forward instructions. Too easy.
And the pockets! so good.

I chose view B with the waist tabs in the mid length.
You can hardly see them in these pictures, but I found the perfect buttons in the stash to go with this fabric. I have a whole drawer of buttons and rarely have the opportunity to bust them out. It was nice to be able to sift through and pick a couple out!
Use your zoom peoples! They are green 1940's numbers with a pretty star-like imprint.

Fabric: Rayon/viscose/nylon blend
Time: approx 3 Hours and then some hand finishing of the waistband on the couch :-)

That's all folks.
What's everyone sewing?

Thanks to the wonderful hubby for playing photographer yet again :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Polka dot obsession

My name is Renay and I'm a polkadotaholic!

And yep...These legs really are THAT white in real life.
It seems that no matter how much sun these pegs see, they remain this translucent shade of white. sigh.
Oh well, you get what you get. I'm not going to be running to a spray tanner any time soon. I fear the Snog Marry Avoid effect, eep!

This is the second pair of sweet scalloped shorts that I have made up.
The first pair were in a coral coloured linen and were so comfy, they were worn to death. literally.
And since the sun is now teasing us with its presence down here in the south, it was high time for another pair.

This fabric appeared at work a few months ago and I foolishly missed out on getting some. Then it appeared again! fool me once shame on you polka dots but fool me twice I think not! 
So I scooped up a few metres of this and a few of a lighter shade too. Cause I'm greedy like that.
It is a lightweight chambray with white polkas. 
Be still my beating heart!

This pattern really is drafted perfectly. The instructions are so good that the welt pockets are a breeze and the finished result is polished and professional.

I underlined the chambray with cotton voile to make it a bit more stable and opaque. Which worked and feels quite dreamy to wear.

There are a few boo boos to report however.... 
I shortened this pair a titch... now I feel they are too short.
Second boo boo was lining the back pockets in white cotton. It peeps out as you can see in the photo above. dang it. Such a good idea at the time... live and learn. 

Fabric: Polka chambray and cotton voile. 
Time: Two afternoons, maybe 6 hours. I know! took my time on these ones.
Fun Fact: Yes, I use spanners as pattern weights. They are Perfect for those funny shaped facing pieces and what not... 

Hope y'all are swell!

The end

Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the award for best pirate reference goes to...

So let's announce these winners then!
I'm afraid that we can't all be winners but you are all winners in my eyes or something er rather... trails off with something inspirational for the losers...  
Kidding! You know I love you baby. Yes you.

Prize #1 will go to: Alice David...

 "What's a pirate's (and sewist's) worst nightmare?
A sunken chest with no booty!"

I mean, come on, it was no contest... 

Prize #2: Lexi

For her fabulous tips on domains and lame pirate jokes also!

Prize #3: Rachel

For her lack of knowledge on the whole pirate issue... I was like you once!

Winners please contact me @ so I can get your details :-)


Ps. I can't help but feel a little deflated now that the blogiversary celebration is over... sigh.

Pps. I have been sewing so much that I have not been blogging. I will be back with some goodies soon!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

So I'm finally getting around to doing this giveaway after sadly losing my .com address to domain pirates! Apparently nothing can be done.
I shake my fist at you pirates!!!

Now that's outta the way, let's get on with it.
I am celebrating my 100 post bloggiversary with some tidbits for you dear readers.
All you have to do to enter is be a follower here or on bloglovin and leave a comment on this post :-)

So whats up for grabs you ask?

Prize #1
The lovely Sewaholic Saltspring dress pattern and 2mts of heavenly silk cotton to sew it up if you wish.

Prize #2
The Miz Mozelle frock pattern and some lightweight navy crinkle knit... hmm cotton poly?

Prize #3
New Look 6145, a sassy shift, and 2mts of black and white printed cotton


The (not so) fine print...
You must be a follower.
You must leave a witty comment about anything ;-)
Entries close Monday 14th october @ Midnight!

Can't wait to announce some winners!!! yippeeeee

PS. Excuse my lack of enthusiasm, deadly tired. I'm off to fall in a heap thanks.